review [ri vyo͞o′; ] for vt. 1 [, rē′vyo͞o′]
[MFr reveue < revu, pp. of revoir < L revidere < re-, again + videre, to see: see VISION]
1. a looking at or looking over again
2. a general survey, report, or account
3. a looking back on; retrospective view or survey, as of past events or experiences
4. reexamination; specif., judicial reexamination, as by a higher court of the decision of a lower court
5. a critical report and evaluation, as in a newspaper or magazine, of a recent book, play, etc., or of a performance, concert, etc.
6. a magazine containing articles of criticism and appraisal, often in a specific field [a law review]
7. the act or process of going over a lesson or subject again, as in study or recitation
9. an examination or inspection; specif., a formal inspection, as of troops on parade or of ships, by a high-ranking officer, or as a ceremony honoring some dignitary
[ RE- + VIEW; also < REVIEW the n.]
1. Now Rare to view, or look at, again
2. to look back on; view in retrospect
3. to survey in thought, speech, or writing; make or give a survey of
4. to examine or inspect; specif., to inspect (troops, etc.) formally
5. to give or write a critical report and evaluation of (a recent book, play, performance, etc.)
6. to reexamine; specif., to reexamine judicially (a lower court's decision)
7. to go over (lessons, a subject, etc.) again, as in study or recitation
to review books, plays, etc., as for a newspaper

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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